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Practice Nurse, Registered Nurse or Enrolled Nurse

September 1, 2018

Conditions of employment:
As per Contract

Remuneration classification: Australian Government Nurses Award 2010 (MA000034) – Effective July 2017
Registered Nurse – (Level 3 Grade 4)
Salary – $2,284.60 per fortnight

Status: Full Time or Permanent Part Time

1. Role of the Position

This position’s primary purpose is to enhance the quality and delivery of health care by providing nursing services in the context of general practice.

The role of the position is:
  • To plan, develop, co-ordinate and provide nursing services within the Medical Practice.
  • To develop and conduct programs with an educational, supportive or therapeutic focus within the General Practice setting.

2. Reporting Structure

The Practice Nurse position provides Nursing services within the General Practice, reporting to the Medical Practitioner who is responsible for the ongoing co-ordination of services, or alternatively the Chief Executive Officer It is the responsibility of the Chief Executive Officer to ensure all staff are informed of procedural requirements such as clinical policies and procedures and reporting deadlines. All staff report to the Chief Executive Officer on staff development, discipline and resource/asset management issues.

Key Relationships
Internal: This position works to provide all general nursing service and administration support and duties required by the Medical Practitioner.

External: The Position is involved in the maintenance of relationships with all patients and other individuals or groups who have contact with the Medical Practice and is often the first point of contact.

Delegations/Authority: For non-stock requisitions up to $100.00. All purchases are made through a petty cash system or with the use of a purchase order requiring the appropriate authorisation signature.

3. Key Duties and Responsibilities

Liaise with:
  • Emergency Services
  • Medical Representatives
  • Community Health Centres
  • Aged Care Assessment Teams
  • Hospital
  • Home visiting Services
Manage the clinical environment by assisting the general practice to meet relevant standards and legislative requirements in:
  • Infection control
  • Cold chain monitoring
  • Records management/data entry
  • Occupational health and safety – identification of risks to patients, staff and others
  • Accreditation processes
  • Sterilisation
Practice Management Support
  • Computer skills
  • At times may be required to assist in the practice with appointments and reception duties
  • Accreditation
  • Ordering of stock, samples and supplies
  • ACIR notification
Improve health outcomes by contributing to and enhancing the management and prevention of ill health through
  • Identification of key practice patient populations (eg diabetics, asthmatics, elderly)
  • Implementing health assessments and care plans
  • Identifying patients due/overdue for immunisation
  • Developing recall systems
  • Dissemination of Patient education – leaflets, videos, posters
  • Advice (eg medications, contraception, diet, lifestyle)
  • Chronic disease management including diabetes and asthma review and education
  • Patient advocacy
Clinical Role
  • Triage/First aid assistance with emergency procedures
  • Acute assessment of unwell patients
  • Pathology collection / ECG
  • Injections – medication administration
  • Suture removal
  • Assistance with minor procedures
  • Wound management
  • Removal of Plaster casts and synthetic casts
  • Ear Syringing
  • Spirometry
  • BSL
  • Urinalysis
  • Child and adult Vaccinations
  • Cervical screening

4. Key Selection Criteria

The Central Highlands Healthcare Ltd promotes Equal Employment Opportunity. All selection is based on proven experience, qualifications and/or training, demonstrated ability to acquire necessary skills and attributes, and the person’s potential to undertake the responsibilities of the position.

  • Current licence to practice as a Registered Nurse in Queensland
  • Professional indemnity cover
  • Demonstrated patient-focused approach in service provision
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Ability to work in a team as well as independently
  • Ability to prioritise and organise
  • Demonstrated commitment to ongoing professional development
  • Possession of current Queensland drivers licence
  • Willingness to learn on the job
Skills – Desirable
These skills are essential to the position but it is not necessarily that you currently possess them. However, you must be prepared to acquire them with assistance once in position.
  • First Aid/CPR Certificate
  • Wound Care
  • Pathology collection
  • Computer literacy
  • Immunisation certificate
  • Knowledge of the Enhanced Primary Care items

These skills and knowledge are desirable and if not held would be areas that the practice would encourage and support future professional self-development

  • Accredited Women’s Health Certificate
  • Diabetes Education Certificate
  • Asthma education

5. Additional Information


Probationary period: Three (3) months

The Central Highlands Healthcare Ltd will monitor the activities and responsibilities of the position and formal evaluation of the position will take place annually.

The position requires the incumbent to embrace best practice and gain a comprehensive knowledge of the Central Highlands Healthcare Ltd Quality Management System.

The medical Practice is accredited against the RACGP standards for General Practice. As part of this role, the Senior Nurse will assume responsibility for the following areas:

  • Clinical care is the responsibility of Medical and Nursing staff.
  • Proper storage and security of medicines is the responsibility of the Practice Nurse
  • Cold chain management. is the responsibility of the Practice Nurse
  • Infection control Infection control processes within our practice, (e.g. sterilisation process, staff immunisation, staff education) is the responsibility of the Practice Nurse.