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Healthy Living Photography Competition

The Better Healthcare Foundation in partnership with Central Highlands Healthcare is seeking to create a local image bank of health, health care and health professionals which reflects the unique sense of place on the Central Highlands Region. Images from the competition may also be used in promoting healthcare and health via a calendar, on the Central Highlands Healthcare web pages and will be displayed prominently in the waiting areas of the Emerald Medical Group.

 There are two sections in the competition and there is an entry fee/donation payable to the Better Healthcare Foundation which is tax deductable.

Junior (under 16) Entry Fee of $2 per image

First Prize $100
Second Prize $50
Third Prize $20

Open Entry fee of $5 per image

First Prize $500
Second Prize $250
Third Prize $100

Entries close 5pm Friday January 25, 2019

The winning entries will be notified by email and invited to an award ceremony.


 In the context of rural Australia generally and the Central Highlands specifically we are looking for images that are evocative of:
Health care professionals
Health care and the community
Exercise or health related scenery / equipment / people
Images depicting a healthy life
Images depicting a healthy mind
Images depicting healthy communities
Images depicting healthy environments
Images depicting any health topic, from clinical medicine to global health, from the individual to the community



  • If you take a photo of a person where they are clearly identifiable you will need to ensure that the person photographed has given you written consent before entering their image into the Competition. (Download consent form here)
  • If your photograph includes children under the age of 18 years you will need to have a parent or guardian give you written consent to enter the image into the Competition. (Download consent form here)
  • All Entrants must be able to supply a high resolution image suitable for printing in media.
  • All photographs are to be supplied as jpegs.
  • Entrants may use digital image manipulation (e.g. Photoshop) if they desire but only to colour correct or enhance the image, not for photo-composition.
  • If you include any copyrighted content in your photos (e.g. posters, brand-name props), you must be able to provide written permission for its use. Entries containing any unauthorised content will be disqualified. You can contact the following organisations for more detailed information and resources:
  • Australian Copyright Council for information on copyright law;
  • Arts Law Centre of Australia for information on laws affecting all areas of the arts;
  • Copyright Agency for information on literary and visual copyright;
  • Viscopy for information on copyright of visual images.
  • All entrants consent to their entries being used by Central Highlands Healthcare in media promoting health and health care. Twelve images will be purchased to develop a calendar promoting health lifestyles in the Central Highlands.
  • All winning entrants agree to provide sole copyright of the photographs to Central Highlands Healthcare.