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Available Positions

Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Health Worker


Position Title: Aboriginal Health Worker
Employed by: Central Highlands Healthcare
Responsible to: Practice Manager
Remuneration in line with Aboriginal Health Worker aware and dependent upon Level (Level 1 pay point 1 at 21.02 per hour to level 4 pay point 4 $41.50 per hour)

Position Profile

Providing maintenance and monitoring of Aboriginal Health in the Central Highlands and at the Emerald Medical Clinic.
Professional supervisor: Senior registered nurse in the general practice (Chronic Disease Management)
Reports to: Senior registered nurse – chronic disease management
Performance appraisal: three months after commencement and every 12 months thereafter

Practice Standards

The Emerald medical Clinic is a professional practice dedicated to quality service.
The Values of the Central Highlands Healthcare include:

  • Quality and Safety First
  • Healthy Community
  • Integrity
  • Innovation and Change

The image of this practice is of competent and caring personnel performing office and medical procedures for the patients.

It is our aim to provide a comprehensive, professional service such that the patient leaves satisfied with all aspects of care and considers that they have received good value for their Health Care Dollar.

It is also our aim:

  • To preserve the confidentiality of patient charts and documents at all times.
  • To be caring and mindful of patient needs offering the same courteousness to all.
  • To work as an independent professional whilst keeping in mind the importance of working with other personnel in the practice as an Aboriginal Health Worker.
  • To be familiar with the roles of other staff members so as to be able to assist at times of increased work loads

Position Duties

Within the nursing role, work with medical practitioners and provide nursing care to patients presenting at the Emerald Medical Clinic.

As part of your employment with the Emerald medical Clinic you are expected to deliver safe and effective care and to take leadership to build a health care team that also delivers high quality and safe care to patients.

You are also expected to have a commitment to continuing professional development and have input into appraisal processes, clinical audit and risk management.

Your Specific Clinical Governance Duties

Your specific leadership role will be to:

  • Ensure that the ATSI communities of the Central Highlands have access to health services
  • Organise and co-ordinate home visits to ATSI families with follow up appointments to liaise between ATSI families and the Emerald Medical Clinic
  • Organise programs such as the Deadly Ears Bus
  • Ensure immunisation clinics such as the annual ATSI flu clinic are organised.
  • Monitoring ATSI families especially with respect to diabetes and assisting in the successful completion of cycles of care is to be a focus.
  • You are expected to diligently and proactively attend to, monitor performance in and undertake necessary remedial action in these areas in consultation with management.
  • It is your responsibility to keep current in your knowledge and practice in each of these areas.


The role of the Aboriginal Health Assistant at the Emerald Medical Clinic includes, but is not limited to, the following elements of work:

  • Maintaining and monitoring the health needs of the indigenous population by:
  • Being familiar with the health status of indigenous population
  • Preparation of Health Assessments (including health assessment of ATSI people over 55 years)
  • Clinical data management including paper and computer files

Health Improvement Service

As part of the Emerald Medical Clinic’s commitment to chronic disease management, home nursing visits may be scheduled to ensure health checks and reviews of BSL, weight, waist circumference are being monitored.

No invasive procedures will occur during a home visit. A vehicle is available.

Provide Health Checks

  • 6-monthly diabetes checks, setting up recalls, booking finalization appointments
  • 75+ health checks, setting up recalls and booking finalization appointments
  • ATSI health checks, setting up recalls and booking finalisation appointments
  • 45 to 49 years-old health checks, done opportunistically in the community
  • 4yr old health checks, also done opportunistically / as they occur within the community
  • CMA / 731 Nursing home & Hostel patient’s annual reviews – each done every 12mths. Medication review reminders to the GPs for these RACF patients

Chronic Disease Management

  • 6-monthly diabetes checks as noted above
  • Annual GPMP and TCA for community based chronic disease patients – need to get the ATSI clients ready / information collected for Nurse to input
  • 6-monthlyy GPMP and TCA reviews – organise appointments and liaise with Nurse

Community Doctor Day

  • Confer with doctors to set up monthly doctor day
  • Make appointments in the community for each patient as needed
  • Attend appointments with the GPs as necessary
  • Arrange all follow up from the doctor day
  • Organise billing as needed for visits


  • Check status of community patients with Population Health as needed, input into MD charts
  • Arrange appointment for immunization Scripts
  • Deliver scripts to homes as needed
  • Follow up scripts required if needed


  • Attend to pathology in the community (homes) as needed mainly following a doctor day request or work-ups for health checks

Best Practice

  • Ensure billing following appointments made with doctors is completed
  • Let GPs know of any billing that needs to be followed up
  • Collect patients who are entitled to a home medication review and send through relevant patient summary to Pharmacist
  • Organise appointments with the patients for the Pharmacist to come into their home for the review
  • Organise case conference with Doctors and Pharmacist to discuss findings
  • Organise appointment with the patient to then finalise HMMR with their GP
  • Check billing is completed at end of cycle Coordinating patient services through:
  • Networking with other services such as Aboriginal Health Agencies, CQ Rural Health, PHN, TCL, TCOTA, HACC
  • Integrating service delivery eg Podiatrist, Diabetic Educator, Dietician, Optometrist,  Planning and management of care which may include home visits
  • Providing information and feedback between the services, patients and GP
  • Patient advocacy

Health promotion and education by promoting patient, carer and community wellbeing through:

  • Health information
  • Education
  • Specific programs
  • Community development
  • Self-care
  • Scheduled home visits

Key Selection Criteria

  • Experience working in a primary health care setting
  • Experience working with Indigenous people
  • Able to work as part of a small team
  • Excellent communication skills with patients, their families and with the other members of the general practice team.


  • Conduct personal behaviour in a way that does not discredit the reputation of self, Theodore Medical or community
  • Respect the dignity, culture, values and beliefs of individuals and significant others in their care
  • Promote and support the health, well-being and informed decision-making of individuals from our indigenous community


All employees of Central Highlands Healthcare will be involved in preparation of accreditation which occurs every three years. Accreditation is a continuing process and it is the responsibility of all to ensure standards are met and reviewed in accordance with the RACGP standards. Central Highlands Healthcare is also seeking certification against the ISO9001:2015 standards and all staff will be involved.

  • Upload your resume and/or any support documents*